Martin G. Baumgartner was born back in 1977 as the second child of two teachers in a small "innviertler" town called Ried im Innkreis (Austria). In a childhood full of play, stories and fantasy (but also the constant horrors of all the humiliation he was exposed to at school because of his legastheny) Martin G. soon found out that most of his interests were in some way connected to visual arts. At the tender age of four he started drawing together with his cousin, who was the same age. They kept on doing this for many many years, and even today Martin G. reaches out for his pencil and paper every now and then ... especially when bad mood troubles his mind.

After his final exam in 1995 he started his studies in architecture at the University of Innsbruck (Tirol), but after two very annoying years - at a time when he couldn’t even see "one more fucking house without having to throw up" - he decided to switch his studies from dead to living objects and enrolled at the biological faculty.
After Neo-Darvinism hit him like a sledgehammer, his world changed completely, but still looking for ways to get the pictures that haunted his thoughts on paper. At the same time he started photography and in 2002 he finally decided to quit academic education and to completely concentrate on his camera. In 2004 - at the age of 27 - he attended the "Höhere Graphische Bundes-Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt" in Vienna (Austria).
He graduated in 2006.

Today I know Martin G. as a principled and reliable friend, sometimes struggling with ether depressive, sarcastic or even schizophrenic tides, however always "giving it all and expecting nothing in return". Quite a bad habit if you ask me.


Thanks for your words Marvin, but who the hell are you?